Your financial planner: What the Fed’s interest rate policy means for you

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Interest rate risk is also important to bonds; if interest rates rise, the prices of bonds fall. This affects the secondary market for bonds; for example, if one purchases a bond with a 3% interest rate and the prevailing rate rises to 5%, it becomes difficult or impossible to resell the bond at a profit .

Most importantly, Fed policy can lead to an increase in rates for savers but also higher rates on car loans, credit cards, and mortgages. Your financial planner: What the Fed’s interest rate.

The discount rate charged for primary credit (the primary credit rate) is set above the usual level of short-term market interest rates. (Because primary credit is the Federal Reserve’s main discount window program, the Federal Reserve at times uses the term "discount rate" to mean the primary credit rate.)

The most direct impact interest rates have is on your home mortgage. If interest rates are relatively high, your loan payments will be greater. If you are buying a home, this means you can afford a less expensive home. Even if you are not in the market, your home value will not rise and could even decline during times of high-interest rates.

What the Fed interest rate cut means for your wallet.. which pulls its target policy rate down to between 2.00% and 2.25%.. president of Intrinsic Wealth Counsel Inc, a financial planner. "They’re taking advantage of this anticipatory drop in rates." For a graphic on debt burden, click.

Interest rates are influenced by multiple factors, including the economy, local or regional competition, and the type of financial institution. Because interest rates vary greatly, GOBankingRates studies the available rates for local, regional, national and global financial products to help you get the best interest rates possible.

Readers Question: What are the negative and positive impact of rising in the interest rate on financial market? higher interest rates and Stock Markets Higher interest rates are often seen as bad news for the stock market. higher interest rates tend to slow down economic growth. Borrowing is more expensive.

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