Sniping at U.S. gun culture not good for your mental health

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When Mental Illness Meets US Gun Culture.. I cannot comment on possible mental health issues George. mass shooting that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a.

The President’s Plans For Mental Health. Four of the 23 executive actions the president plans to enact to fight gun violence target mental health explicitly. They aim primarily to use the president’s healthcare reform law to compel private insurers and Medicaid to provide coverage for mental health just as medical and surgical needs are.

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17 (Xinhua) — A teenager in the U.S. State of Oklahoma has. in McAlester that she would like to gun down. Wilson was located near her home by deputies and she told them "she was just trying to.

It is easy to say that it is not the gun. not only a mental health issue but a social and political problem too." That is in part because white people are the numerical majority in the U.S. and.

Guns and mental health: Are shootings in the US a psychological problem? Recent attacks in the U.S. have once again returned the issue of access to guns in the country. Metro speaks with experts.

Also, much of the violence that occurs as a result of unaddressed mental health concerns is self-directed. And, finally, it’s worth noting that the majority of people who use guns to commit acts of violence do not have a mental illness. Still, our health care system is woefully inadequate in meeting our nation’s mental health needs.

Arts + Culture; Economy. But the reality is that most people with personality disorders do not seek treatment and are not known to mental health providers.. U.S. gun violence is a symptom of.

U.S. Rep. tim ryan recalled the mass shooting in his home state of Ohio on Aug. 3. On guns and other key issues, he said, “We.

is the ultimate solution to the mental. s not assured; it’s just the way life seems to be. Some people, including some editors, claim constitutional rights to gun ownership but need to disabuse.