Letters: Tom McClintock is wrong if he thinks the Republican tax bill will help California families

GOP reforms could raise taxes for California families, says rep. tom mcclintock. So why not just do the corporate cuts now? McClintock on tax cuts: Leave no taxpayer behind | The Sacramento Bee

Senator Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with the party, introduced a bill. tax rates, though he denounced the Republican tax program that passed in 2017. And he backed increasing the earned-income tax.

In an e-mail to democratic supporters, the nevada county democratic Central Committee has a planned rally for tonight’s town hall meeting with Rep. Tom McClintock on health care. The rally is set for 5 p.m., with supporters asked to wear a blue shirt and bring signs. "This is the place to be on.

The only Republican to change from a no vote to a yes vote was Rep. Tom McClintock of California. he had "no concerns whatsoever" about the bill’s polling, arguing that public support would swing.

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He is wrong on everything else. congressman mcclintock held out for big improvements in the original tax bill – and got them. Leftists are screaming that it will cost taxpayers "billions."

Congressman Tom McClintock Comments on California Ballot Propositions. What’s wrong with soaking the rich?. This adds another $2.00 per pack tax on cigarettes, making California one of the.

But she said she thinks the deduction changes, and subtle shifts the bill makes to the. How did California's Republicans vote on the tax bill?. have said the state should lower state and local taxes if they want to help Californians.. Tom McClintock (R-Elk Grove) to vote against the initial House version.

If it’s going to hurt Californians, a conservative says, postpone some of the tax plan. Worst of all, the GOP tax plans would eliminate the ability of Californians to deduct state income taxes from their federal taxes. That would affect more than 5 million Californians. McClintock represents a safe Republican district.

Letters: Tom McClintock is wrong if he thinks the Republican tax bill will help California families | The Sacramento Bee

“The Democrats’ complaints are overheated,” he said. “Half of the benefits go to the richest 5 percent of earners, and nearly all families. tax cuts in 2027 under the House bill, according to think.

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