How Zero-Energy Homes Can Help Achieve Consumers’ Energy Wants

Zero Energy Home Sales Tips Zero energy homes are the hottest trend in the building and real estate industry and it’s gaining momentum. The ability to effectively market and show zero energy homes will give you a competitive edge and leave your clients feeling confident that they are making an excellent choice.

Whether you want to help. your energy consumption or just save some money, the most effortless way to achieve both of.

Consumers. can help them get the results they want. Seeing is believing, and when people hear a story, they can’t help but.

Strategies to achieve net-zero energy homes Date: May 15, 2013 Source: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Summary: Chances are you know how many miles your car logs for each.

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The Industry News will cover breaking news in the residential housing industry. How Zero-Energy Homes Can Help Achieve Consumers' Energy Wants.

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More than 50% of consumers rated a zero-energy home (ZEH) as a desirable or must-have feature for their home purchases in NAHB’s recent What Home Buyers Really Want survey. Consumers will also pay an average of nearly $9,000 more for an environmentally friendly home to reduce the cost of their annual utility bills.

Starting with an eco-conscious dream for a truly green home transformed owner Michael Yannell’s Chicago residence into a $1.6 million, two-story 2,675-square-foot, four bedroom and two-bath Net-Zero-Energy masterpiece, producing 40 percent more energy than it consumes.

Zero Energy Homes Save You Money from Day One. A zero energy home will protect you from a rapid rise in energy prices. Ten years from now, you’ll pay the same price you pay today to keep your lights on and your family warm. That price will be zero or next to zero.

Policies to support state climate and clean energy goals are aimed more and more at increasing customer access to DER. Among them are net zero energy (NZE) initiatives for new homes. big solar.

As more high-performance zero-energy ready homes get built, and as. building helps the builder satisfy the typical consumer's demand for trendy. Those who want to learn more should check out the new EEBA Path to.