Can ‘baby bonds’ help the U.S. close its staggering racial wealth gap?

Can ‘baby bonds’ help the U.S. close its staggering racial wealth gap?. Some economists and politicians believe this racial wealth disparity will continue to widen unless it’s addressed.

But even after controlling for these returns, income and education can’t explain the entire wealth gap. with its supposedly race-neutral philosophy, will only make it more difficult to close racial.

Can ‘baby bonds’ help the U.S. close its staggering racial wealth gap? By Simone Pathe , Judy Woodruff , Geoffrey Guray , Paul Solman – PBS NewsHour logo: home jun 13, 2019 6:30 PM EDT Whites in the U.S. have much greater household and individual wealth than blacks and other minorities.

Dubbed the "baby bonds" bill, the American Opportunity Accounts Act aims to reduce the wealth gap, which disproportionately impacts families of color by starting each American child off with money that can be used to finance their education or buy a home, among other wealth-building activities.

Can ‘Baby Bonds’ Eliminate the Racial Wealth Gap in Putative Post-Racial America? Article (PDF Available) in The Review of Black Political Economy 37(3):207-216 September 2010 with 2,270 Reads

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Commentary The fight for reparations can be a useful decoy in solving America’s racial wealth gap ‘Baby bonds’ is a more politically viable answer to the disparity in black and white wealth

Therefore, the authors also included a racial wealth gap residual to capture the total amount needed to close the remainder of the wealth gap after none, some, or all of the other policies in this.

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